About My Breads

Growing up in a traditional Sicilian-American household, food was always a central part of my family life. Family and friends gathered in the kitchen. There was always plenty of food. And there was always fresh "Italian" bread; old world crusty loaves. The bread was part of breakfast, lunch and dinner. A true staple. We ate it with eggs, with roasted vegetables, with meat. We toasted it, dipped it in sauce or tore a piece and ate it just like that. Our grandfather's daily breakfast was a bowl of coffee, into which he tore pieces of bread and added a shot of whiskey. Whew, what a way to start the day! Today, my desire is to bake and share the loaves of my past. I begin with the simplest of ingredients, unbleached flour, filtered water, sea salt and yeast. Breads either begin with a sourdough culture or pre-fermented dough. Other ingredients are sometimes added, sometimes not. The result is hearty, fulfilling loaves of goodness. My hope is that you will break bread with family and friends, share stories, laugh and love.